Katrin loves real Fully Fashioned Nylon Stockings!

Katrin, a young woman from near Düsseldorf, talks about her particular fondness for nylons. She wears the beautiful stockings not only for the date, but also a normal stroll through the city, she prefers to do in heels and nylons.

May I introduce myself?
My name is Katrin,


In times of leggings and rather sloppy clothes, some of my fellow human beings, and by this I mean above all the women among us, may describe me as a little old-fashioned. But is it really old-fashioned when I prefer to wear dresses, skirts and these almost exclusively with nylons?


No, I am certainly not old-fashioned, quite the contrary. I am a modern, confident woman who loves to express her femininity through a feminine style of clothing. That may also seem a bit sexy. I stand by it!

Stockings, but also occasionally tights are something very special for me. My fondness for nylons started very early.
It was my grandma who gave me my first tights, I was really still very young. First I wore the lacquer shoes you had as a child, but hardly I was 15 or 16, so I bought my first pair of real high heels. The high shoes together with these sparkling, fine stockings made me look like a young lady. I liked this soft feeling on my skin and how it shimmered a little diffusely through the delicate fabric.

When I started my first job, I quickly noticed how the male colleagues who suddenly looked at me and perceived me in a completely different way in the office. I often had to smile when they struggled to share the desk with me.

More and more, I enjoyed putting my torrid legs in the spotlight and drawing my eyes.


This has not changed to this day. I still wear almost exclusively nylons. I think no matter how warm or cold it is outside, a woman should never go to the door without stockings. A torped leg gives me a very different feeling than a boring pair of jeans.

In the normal daily routine I still wear tights today, but I have a very special preference for real nylons.

Real nylons are simply the absolute highlight among my wide selection of stockings. There are many beautiful occasions where I wear my real nylons. I love to feel under the dress just straps and the delicate, airy feel of my real nylons. In addition, my favorite heels and the evening can only be perfect. No date without nylons!

Depending on the one I choose with or without seam, but for the really very special occasions, it must necessarily be Fully Fashioned Seamnylons. These are simply the classic and for me the most erotic among all the stockings you like.

If you want to make me happy, these are my favorite nylons and suspenders here in the shop:
Susan Heels or  Manhatten Heels

By the way, I also like to be photographed. Maybe you want to see me in your favorite nylons. Very happy!


Take a look around here in the SHOP and choose the nylons you would like to see on me. Just order them and send them to me. I will wear them for you and you will of course get some very personal photos with your stockings from me.

These are my sizes:
with the Fully Fashioned with seam nylons it is the size 9 and with the nylons without seam it is either small or medium. It depends on whether the edge is allowed to look out or should disappear under the skirt.

After you have made your selection for me and the stockings are in the shopping cart, first enter your data under "Your customer address".  After clicking on "Next" you will get to the "Shipping Options".  Important!! There you must now enter my address as a shipping address. You can do this by clicking on "Change address". Enter my personal address there. This reads:

Katrin Denier
Post Number 45873158
DHL Packstation 109
40625 Dusseldorf

Then simply complete the order as normal.
A few days after the stockings of you have reached me, I will wear them for you and send you the photos and a dear personal greeting.


I look forward to your post!
Thank you and greetings