Slight Imperfects- Bronze GIO Cuban Heel Nylons - Fully Fashioned Stockings

Point Heels Echte Nylons - bronze
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Größe Gio Nahtnylons:

  • GIO-PH-BRO-IP-L20A-090
"Slight imperfects"  - Genuine bronze nylons at an affordable price Erotic... more
Product information "Slight Imperfects- Bronze GIO Cuban Heel Nylons - Fully Fashioned Stockings"

"Slight imperfects" - Genuine bronze nylons at an affordable price

Erotic elegance to the point. The stockings with stunning touch.

Bronze is a warm color that helps to emphasize your legs erotic. It works positively and encourages us to enjoy the moment.
With these stockings you will enjoy the moment! With the tapering high heel you bring it exactly to the point.

The yarn is made of 100% nylon and 15 denier.
The stockings with the stunning folds. The look will be yours!
This beautiful heel is shaped to the ankle and gently tapers to a pointed top to give the leg a flattering shape. 100% Nylon.l.

Fully fashioned nylon stockings are made ​​by GIO knitted from the finest yarn. The production is first on one of the few remaining circular knitting machines before each stocking is then stitched together by hand. Only one obtains the real nylon stockings really classic look of the 1950s

Please note the "Slight imperfects"
This product is "Imperfects". These stockings have slight flaws but are still very wearable and offer a good alternative to the more expensive Perfects. "Slight imperfects" are very popular for photo sessions and stage shows. Or simply to try out the feeling of real nylons.

For example, the following errors may occur: stitch patterns, size differences, color errors. "Slight imperfects" are only wrapped in foil.

This stocking as "perfect" you will find HERE



Fully Fashioned Nylons with seam
100% Nylon
Point Heel
GIO / England






How do I find my size in fully fashioned nylons?

Granted, it takes some gut feeling to determine the right size. A very good help is the following table. In addition to the size of the body size and the size of the shoe, the measurement of the inside of the leg is of particular importance.


* How to measure your inside leg
Stand upright and measure the length of your heel sole on the inside of your leg to the point of your thigh where the stocking should end. Compare the reading you have made with the table above and make your choice of size in accordance with the other information contained there. If your thigh is slenderly proportioned, choose half a size smaller, half a size larger with a very strong thigh.

Manufacturing tolerances
As is known, the real nylons are made on machines dating back to the middle of the last century. That's exactly what makes the real nylons. Please note that in individual cases, manufacturing tolerances of up to 2.5 cm in the stocking length may occur.


Color: Bronze
Heel: Cuban Heel
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