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Be part of the Stocking Society SHOP Family !

  • Your passion to wear nylons?
  • Already have an account on Instagram or Facebook?
  • Would you like to receive real nylons for free or earn money later with a partnership?

If you can answer YES to one of these questions, the following could be really interesting for you. We want to significantly expand our presence on the social media channels over the next month and are therefore looking for interesting female personalities who have real pleasure to wear in our products and like to share there expierance with this wonderful stockings and heels.

You have a real passion for fully fashioned nylons

Some might think real nylons are a garment from days gone by or are only worn by some weird fetishists. But it is not like that. Especially in the last few years the trend is again more towards very luxurious clothes and classic nylon stockings have their place.

Who are we looking for?

It does not really matter the age and appearance, much more about the joy of the nylons and, your creativity and especially your charisma. You are female and ideally between 20 and 50 years old. Where you live, in this world does not matter. The network connects us.
It is important that you can display this luxurious feeling when wearing these beautiful stockings and transport them with the help of pictures, texts, or short videos.
If you wear nylons regularly, if you go out, or imagine wearing them.
Then some selfies or a short video and a bit of text related to the Stocking Society SHOP are enough for us and you can get nylons or if you are highly successful you also earn financially.
With a bit of uncomplicated marketing you could become our "Face often he SHOP" and influencer.
Simply request a few photos or the link to your profile, as well as a short mail. We will then contact you and see how it suits you and us. Apply right here!


We are really appriciating to hear form you
Your´s Stocking Society SHOP

You have a real passion for fully fashioned nylons

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